Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Reports, Mahalo Grille and flushing the fat?!

Hi. Just delaying the inevitable! Have to do the yearly ATF F 5120.17 Report of Wine Presmises Operations due today. My husband took the Grape Crush Report with him to work (also due today) either because he had a look at the 5120.17 form or because he didn't want to hear me complaining or maybe he was just being nice! Gave me time to do a blog though. Maybe.
Need to get it done before 1pm. I have a tasting a Mahalo Grille today. Hopefully they will add our wine to their list! Wish me luck! I also have to get over to Gene's and deliver wine and set up a tasting to do there on an upcoming weekend.
I ended up getting a touch of the flu yesterday. Thankfully much better today! I am also trying to add a few things to my diet to help flush the fat?! and help the liver operate more effectively? Green Tea, carrots, and flax seed. Staying away from grains and legumes for now. Anyone out there have any experience with this? I have yet to check out the web site fatresistancediet.com.


Blogger Jathan said...

How did it go at Mahalo?

9:05 AM  
Blogger Prides Folly said...

A glass of wine a night is suposed to help :-)

5:37 AM  

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